Ubisoft Offers Free Games And Content To PC Gamers Affected By DRM

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Ubisoft have decided to offer up some freebies to customers affected by their DRM implementation in Assassin’s Creed II and Shadow Hunter 5. Users were un able to play their games due to attacks on the DRM servers, which require all legit PC buyers to be connected to the Internet to play their games. According to Ubisoft themselves, emails have been sent out offering affected users free games from a pre-selected list.

To further anger the PC community Ubisoft have stated that all their games will require an Internet connection to play, however they said that a drop in their connection will no longer harm their save data. Regardless PC games still see this as a huge inconvenience to them, especially given that they had it in their hearts to obtain the games legally. It has become an ongoing fight, that Ubisoft will not back down upon.

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