Miyamoto Says Move And Natal Are A Great Honor

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Miyamoto has come out and given an honorable statement towards the two possible “Wii clones”, Project Natal and Playstation Move. It seems as if he is not sweating it at all, because after all he is one of the people that helped create the Wii’s success, so why should he worry? When quized on his thoughts of the two attempts to swipe some of the Wii’s market share, Miyamoto simply responded that Move and Natal were a “great honor”.

Here is a direct quote, remember it may read weird because of translation.

“Nintendo should welcome the opportunity,” said Miyamoto, “when or where something we have originally tried is intensified by somebody else, because that means that other people are trying to starting to show their appreciation for whatever endeavour we have made in the beginning.

“The user experience we have created is going to be intensified by the advent of new machines from other companies. It’s a new experience that we originated. So we really see it as a great honour.”

Despite Miyamoto shrugging it off and saying it is a great honor, he also went on to say that it is never their intention to compete.

“Competing with other companies in that category is never our top priority.”

Could this mean that Nintendo are not planning a direct counter blow at the two companies? Perhaps Nintendo will stick to what they know, which is watching the money come in by the barrel and then swimming in it. Though I am sure Playstation Move and Project Natal will make some kind of impact when they arrive, I do not believe that they can stop the freight train which is the Nintendo Wii. Time will tell.

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