Win A New Mitsubishi Just By Playing A Game

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Attention gamers, Do you need a new car? If you do check out this competition our friends at Mitsubishi are running. They are offering some great prizes, including a brand new Mitsubishi ASX . All you have to do for a chance to win the car is click the preview below and put your driving timing and co-ordination skills to the test. You will be tested driving in rush hour traffic against the clock, parking your car in impossibly tight places, navigating through tricky cone layouts and playing car tennis.

You will also notice that the game looks like that OG Grand Theft Auto from years ago which I hope you have played as I expect one of you hardcore gamer to blitz this and with the brand new car, we cannot let some old ass woman win. Also post your scores in the comments and we will have a side competition to see who got the best score. We cannot offer any prizes at the moment simply because E3 is next month and we are all broke saving for that.

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