Woman Buys PS3 For $2400… Judge Judy Is On The Case!

Some people are stupid, really, really, really stupid! Judge Judy has a tendency of bringing some of these stupid people out of the woodwork as they often attempt to sue people for the most stupidest reasons. Take childcare provider Keiona Nash for example, she decided to purchase a PlayStation 3 (allegedly) for her ex-boyfriend. However, rather than going to her local Gamestop and picking up the system for around $400, Keiona decided to get her PS3 from what has to be the most fraudulent rent-to-buy retailer known to man.

Keiona stupidly agreed to make a 18 monthly payments of $134 for the console, making the grand total price of the system a whopping $2412, which is $2000 more than it’s worth. I’m almost lost for words here. Why couldn’t she just put $134 directly in to a savings account for 3 months then buy the PS3 with that? how can someone so stupid be trusted to raise a child and be paid to look after other kids?

The Koalition’s very own A.B Frasier is currently in talks with Keiona so she can tell her side of the story. We were originally going to charge her $20 for a featured placement on the site but she opted to pay 32 monthly payments of $18.99 instead. Ok that’s a lie, but after seeing the clip below anything is possible…

props to BXGamer for the heads up.

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