Yoshinori Ono Says Less Than Two Years For Street Fighter X Tekken After Ass Kicking From Boss

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Remember when Street Fighter x Tekken was announced at ComicCon this year? Remember how upset we all were knowing we would have to wait a whole two years to see the title? Well fans weren’t the only ones upset. Yoshinori Ono’s boss was kind of upset and gave him an ass kicking behind the scenes. Details of this ass kicking are not known but read it straight from Yoshinori’s mouth in the quote below.

“At Comic-Con I think I said two years. After that I got called into Inafune’s room and he literally kicked my arse,” said Ono.

“So I’m trying to shorten that. So, yeah, less than two years.

“Having said that, we can’t just announce it and then release something that’s not very good,” he added.

It seems Ono’s boss has saved us some waiting time. Who says all bosses are assholes eh? Ono also said the following regarding the initial reveal.

“So we really have to put our effort in this. Okay, we announced it a bit early. That was just so that we don’t let you down. We also have this duty of bringing out something perfect, to deliver it to you. We’ll be doing our best in doing so.”

So in a nut shell Yoshinori is going hard to make sure we all get a satisfactory product, and we also will not have to wait as long if everything goes to plan. In the mean time we still have Super Street Fighter IV to enjoy, as well as the upcoming 3D version.


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