[Update: Trailer] Activision Launching “Call Of Duty Elite” Digital Program

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Not one to follow silly videogame embargoes, the Wall Street Journal has broken news about Activision’s “Call Of Duty Elite” digital program.  Launching alongside MW3 this fall, Elite will offer players a Bungie-pro like experience for a currently undisclosed fee.

Elite subscribers will be rewarded with exclusive content such as map packs and advanced stat tracking tools “gauging factors such as which weapons have been most successful for them in killing enemies.”

The real question is, will gamers be willing to pay upwards of $100 a year on top of their $60 game purchase? I have my reservations but Activision clearly think it’s a good idea… or at least a money making idea.

It’s worth noting that “portions of the service will be free”, but to what extent is currently unknown.

For full details on Call Of Duty Elite be sure to check out WSJ‘s original article.

[Update]: The trailer is up. Check it out here to see what COD: Elite has to offer.

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