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As gamers we tend to enjoy celebrating our favourite past-time, even away from the TV screen. That’s why as well as playing games many of us feel the need to collect videogame related memorabilia such as figurines, comics, art books and clothing. If you’re interested in the latter but would like to be seen in something more exciting than a logo on the front of a t-shirt then I recommend that you check out

Joystick Junkies is a London based fashion label who, in their own words have “created a fusion of digital pop culture and streetwear”. As well as their web presence, Joystiq Junkies clothing is available in stores across Europe, Australia, Moscow, Seoul and Tokyo but are set to expand their outreach to the United States shortly (although US residents can currently shop online).

One of the more snazzy items available on their European web store is the Monkey Madness T-Shirt which is available for £25 in sizes ranging from Small to XXL.

Featuring a retro-inspired pixelated ape (who is different enough from Donkey Kong to avert Nintendo Lawyers), this T-Shirt will no doubt appeal to anyone who, like me, grew up with a NES controller embedded in their palms. Woven from 100% cotton, the burnt orange design is sure to draw attention, but unlike most gaming tee’s this one won’t make you feel like a walking advertisement in the process. The back of the T-Shirt is completely empty which is little disappointing, but forgivable considering how stylish the front design is. The text above and below the ape reads; “Monkey Madness… The Heavy Heavy Monster Sound” so if you’re prone to beating your chest King Kong style in public, I can’t think of a more fitting T-Shirt to do so in. Joystick Junkies branding is situated both on the front (via small, unobtrusive text) and on the left arm of the tee, both of which are tastefully handled.

European readers can click here to browse or purchase Monkey Madness directly, while US readers are encouraged to check out their other wares here.

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