GTA V Announced, First Trailer Coming November 2nd

In an announcement that has taken us all by surprise, Rockstar today announced that the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V will be dropping on November 2nd. If you head on over to the Rockstar site right now you’ll see a Grand Theft Auto V logo with the date of the trailer underneath.

Of course there’s no information on a release date for the actual game, but the timing of this announcement could suggest a Fall 2012 release window. Though an early 2013 release would seem more likely as Rockstar already has Max Payne booked for early 2012. Early rumors suggested that GTA V would be set in Hollywood/L.A but I guess we’ll wait till next week to find out. Though I have a hunch that the trailer will be mainly text based with a voice over from the main character, intentionally not revealing too much. We’ll see!

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