Kinect: Fun Labs Announced And Available Today

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Microsoft has announced a new set of activities for Kinect called Fun Labs. Fun Labs will be available today for Xbox Live and Kinect users.

One of the main features coming with Fun Labs is the scanning technology which lets you scan your body or certain objects into the interface. Scanning your body will allow you to create a much more realistic avatar. The scanning tech was even able to pick up the style of clothing the demonstrator was wearing which is pretty amazing stuff. It was said that fun labs will also allow some form of open source development, allowing PC developers to create unique tools or games for the Kinect platform.

As you may know I’m not too interested in all this Kinect stuff, but the tech is definitely impressive. For those who enjoy these kinds of casual gaming activities I am sure you’ll have a blast. Fun Labs will be available to all Xbox Live and Kinect users whether you are a gold or silver subscriber. It launches sometime today, we will update you once it’s live.

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