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Star Wars Kinect was demoed at the Microsoft E3 conference earlier today. Although it looks fun physically acting out the ways of the Jedi, the fun seems like it might be short lives.

As you can see from the video below the game allows you to jump out of ships, use the force, use your lightsaber and do some fancy flips all without a controller. It’s pretty impressive on paper, but the game seems very bland. While I like the idea of being able to act out a Jedi’s actions, the game just doesn’t seem like a fully immerse experience simply because all these actions will get tiresome. I don’t expect the game to have too much in terms of story of course, but this whole experience just seems like a pick up and play when your friends are over type of game.

My colleague Richard Bailey JR also wanted to add his two cents.

Richard B: When Kinect originally debuted at last year’s E3, the first batch of games offered very little excitement in terms of peeking interest with the average group of hardcore gamers. The one ray of hope and anticipation came from the teaser of a Kinect experience set in the Star wars universe.

During E3 2011, Star Wars Kinect was officially demoed for all the world to see. The gameplay includes the ability to jump out of ships, use the force, and kill villains with your lightsaber by using both hand and body gestures appropriately. From what was displayed, the game seems just as underwhelming as the delayed response time. Still if you’re a diehard Star wars fan with Kinect, then this game is right for you.

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We’ll update with better videos once they come in. For now let us know what you think now that we’ve seen the game in action.

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