Kinect Sells Over 5 Million Units In 60 Days

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Update: There is a lot of confusion going on as official press releases say they sold 8 mill, but Microsoft has also tipped off other reporters saying that the 8 Million is units shipped, and they have indeed sold well over 5 million. They will not elaborate further, but take it how you will. Either way they have done exceptionally well.


It seems Microsoft has had a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Today it was announced that they have in fact sold 5 million units of the Kinect add on, as well as shipping 8 million units overall. Early reports had Kinect selling 8 million over all, but thanks to some digging by the folks at VG247, Microsoft officially confirmed that they had in fact shipped 8 million units but sold 5 million. This is an outstanding performance for an add on, and I must say that the software ‘Dance Central’ and ‘Your Fitness’ seem to be the personal eye catchers for me. Also consider that in November they had sold around 2.5 million, so to double that over the Christmas period prompts a huge pat on the back.

Did you get Kinect for Christmas? If so share your experiences below.

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