Xbox 360 Avatars Take On Your Personality With Avatar Kinect

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Hot from CES is the reveal of Microsoft’s new Kinect chat service which is based on your own Xbox Live Avatars. The feature puts your Avatar in different scenarios with your friends; whilst Kinect tracks your facial expressions and actions, allowing your Avatar to represent you and your personality in a groundbreaking way. Not only that but you can record video and upload it to Youtube or share with friends on Facebook.

As you will see in the video below, you could literally start your own Avatar talk show, and post it on your website as frequently as you like. This is so revolutionary that it could be a new way of podcasting. What’s more, The Koalition has been very vocal in the past about Xbox Avatars not representing our style and mannerisms correctly, well this is a sure fire way to express ourselves the right way through our Avatars.

Avatar Kinect will be made available this Spring for free to gold subscribers.

Let us know what you think of Avatar Kinect below.

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