Meet Apple’s Brand New iPad 2!

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Today Apple announced the successor to the iPad and while they call it “revolutionary”, I’m not sure most of us will agree. The iPad 2 is smaller, faster and now has front and rear cameras for all your Facetime needs but compared to Motorola’s Xoom tablet the iPad 2 already feels outdated. I along with millions of other people will still be purchasing the iPad 2 regardless, but when the most impressive thing about a $500 device is its $40 case, you know something isn’t right.

The iPad 2 will launch in both Black and White variants on March 11 in the US and on March 25 in most other countries. Pricing will remain the same as the iPad 1 was but you can expect the original models to drop in price by at least $100. The Koaltion will cover the iPad 2 on a more technical level later today but for now, let Apple brainwash you with videos below…

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