New Riveting Battlefield 3 Gameplay Trailer

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Battlefield 3 is the new first-person shooter from FPS giant DICE. The Battlefield series has a history of fantastic multiplayer action on the PC and has branched out into the console world recently with the Bad Company spin-off series. The newest iteration of the staple franchise hopes to offer even better multiplayer action combined with an improved destruction engine and a revamped single-player campaign that truly blurs the line of fantasy and realism.

A three-part string of videos was released, showcasing many of the gameplay elements and moments we can expect to see in the single player campaign, and they just released another that is a conglomeration of these moments, along with many new bits of footage. They also threw in a couple lines from magazine and websites praising their game. Check out the newest trailer below:

Also, head on over to the Battlefield website and you can check out an extended trailer of the game!

Source: Game Informer


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