New SSX Launching January 2012

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EA has just announced at their conference that a new SSX is on the way, scheduled for January 2012, this proves that we are all going to have a happy new year. EA Sports boss Peter Moore took to the stage to sell us on the new game, ensuring us that it would be content heavy. There are three gameplay modes included – Race It, Trick It and Survive It – playable, according to Moore, over every mountain range in the world.

I’m sure I can leave you to your own devices as far as picturing how thrilling a next gen SSX will be. I used to love playing this game back on Playstation 1, and I’m not even much of a snowboarding fan. It’s just that type of game you can pick up and enjoy anytime. With extreme sports games on the decline lately, this makes a great announcement.

Make sure you check back with us soon for the official video.

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