UFC Fights Coming To Xbox Live

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UFC boss, Dana White, made an appearance at Microsoft E3 Keynote and made what I think, the best announcement for the Xbox Live service. UFC Fights will be available on Xbox Live. Details are skeptical for now but based on what was shown at the conference, UFC pay-per views will be available for order on Xbox Live. That wasn’t it, the clip showed the ability to call matches, and place bets against your friends.

Dana White had this to say:

“There has never been a better time to be a UFC fan. As you know, we deliver the best fights in the world, and now XBOX will revolutionize how fans experience live events on television. You’ll get all the best fights, and compete with your friends…only on XBOX. Let’s take a look at the innovation you’re gonna see this holiday.

I’m a UFC fan, and even though I don’t order the PPV’s I would like to be able to watch past fights and even episodes of The Ultimate Fighter. I’m eager to hear more of this partnership

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