Nintendo 3DS Receives MASSIVE Price Drops Worldwide!

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If you’ve held out on purchasing a 3DS, well done, your patience is now being rewarded. After lacklustre sales and the announcement that the Playstation Vita will cost $250, Nintendo has decided to lower the price of the 3DS to $169 which equates to massive $80 drop. This news comes as part of a new global intuitive for Nintendo, in Japan the price of the system will reduced from ¥25,000 to ¥15,000 and Australian will be able to pick one up for AUD$250 instead of the previous AUD$350 price point.

No specific price details were given for Europe but NOE claims that the RRP will be slashed by roughly a third, making a £150/€170 price tag extremely likely.

These new prices will go in to effect from August 12th, less than 5 months after the systems EU/NA release.

UPDATE: Nintendo will be offering 20 free games to everyone who purchases a 3DS before August 12th. It looks like early adopters will get the last laugh after all!

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