Nintendo Gives The 3DS Dual Analog Controls With The World’s Ugliest Peripheral!

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Japanese videogame magazine Fatismu have prematurely lifted the curtains on Nintendo’s “Expansion Slide Pad” peripheral which will finally give the 3DS dual analog controls.

However there is one major problem… the add on looks  horrendous!

It’s hard to believe that such an aesthetic monstrosity was actually manufactured by Nintendo but Famitsu is an extremely credible publication which makes this report as good as confirmed.

The Expansive Slide Pad will cradle the 3DS, adding approximately two centimetres to the system overall thickness. The Famatisu article did not offer any information with regards to pricing, compatible games or a release date but its highly likely that Nintendo will offer more details during their TGS conference next week.

While I’m not entirely against the concept, I just can’t get over how ugly this peripheral is. For once I think I’ll wait for a third party knock-off to surface. Mad Catz, I hope you’re listening!

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