[Playstation Vita] Uncharted: Golden Abyss “Features Trailer”

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Uncharted: Golden Abyss is sure to become the best selling Vita title at launch which means it has a lot to live up to.  I’ve already given my thoughts about the game on multiple occasions but in short I think it will be great, but not phenomenal like the last two games were. Sony have released a brand new trailer for the game which can be found below. Both Golden Abyss and the Playstation Vita will be released on February 22nd.

We started playing with the PS Vita’s hardware features very early in development ofUNCHARTED: Golden Abyss. One of our earliest demos involved the player moving and rotating PS Vita to simulate an SLR camera viewfinder and, soon after, a sniper rifle’s scope. PS Vita’s sensitive and accurate motion sensors surprised us, making even the most subtle control adjustments a breeze.

Because the PS Vita is the first device that combines two analog sticks, a Sixaxis motion sensor and a touchscreen, we realised we could create a universal aiming system with fine-tuned controls that would be impossible on any other system. Core aiming still works best on the analog sticks: in over-the-shoulder mode, players still use the left stick to adjust Drake’s position and the right stick to adjust his aiming reticule – just as you would expect in any modern console game. But PS Vita adds a third input: you can  rotate your hands to subtly fine tune the reticule’s placement. Having everything on the same controller creates a synergy between your eyes, your thumbs and your hands that feels natural: use the sticks to aim at an enemy, use the motion sensor to aim at his head.

We’ve talked to focus testers who’ve spent hours with the game and didn’t even realise they were using the motion controls – it’s that subtle and intuitive. We call it Intu-aim, as opposed to auto-aim, because the player is in complete control. In fact, the player has more control than he’s ever had before. We think this mechanic will change the way shooters are played.

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