PSP 2 Details Leak – Will Have 3G Support

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Japanese site Nikkei is reporting that the PSP 2 will come with the rumored 3G support. But one thing Sony’s mini monster won’t support is actual phone calls. Many were wondering if Sony would make their device compete in the mobile field by actually making it a legitimate phone. The 3G will support online multiplayer, which raises many questions for me. Most important one; Will it be free?

Nikkei is also reporting that it will come with a nice shiny OLED touch screen, as well as a new processor built for high resolution visuals. The world will have to wait for the official word on all of these leaks until Thursday. Sony will hold a press conference in Tokyo, where they are rumored to speak on PSP 2. How does this leaked information stack up against the 3DS so far? Would love to hear your thoughts.


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