Sony To Release S1 Playstation Tablet Running On Android

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Details of Sony’s tablet which is codenamed S1 have emerged on Engaget. Apparently the tablet is to run a customized version of Android Honeycomb, which will utilize the Qriocity media platform. S1 will Playstation gaming capable and is said to come with pre-loaded Playstation games.

As the image shows below, the tablet is said to feature a fancy “wrap” product design which mimics a magazine being folded away. It is also said to be more comfortable to hold onto than rival tablets that are said to become incredible uncomfortable after lengthy usage.

So here comes the information we all want to know. When can we expect S1? It will supposedly ship as early as September with a $599 price tag. So with Xperia PLAY, NGP and S1 all launching; will this be a good year for Sony?

See here for more information on the S1.

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