Turn Based, The RPG Podcast Episode 6: An Arrow To The Knee

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After a long hiatus me and David Jagneaux return to report the latest role-playing goodness. For this episode we welcomed special guest and fellow Koalition writer Richard Bailey to speak on a few Bioware related issues. This episodes spotlight is on a very very special game, so press play now and enjoy.


– What we’ve been playing during the hiatus.
– Richard Bailey speaks on Skyrim deals over the weekend.

– Xenoblade Chronicles confirmed for the US
– Thoughts on Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer
– BioWare will offer multiplayer either in or around Dragon Age 3, according to an insider-based report on Kotaku. OMG!!!!
– Kingdoms of Amalur special editions
– Lionhead may be creating MMO

– Take a guess!

– South Park RPG

Duration: 70 Minutes

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