Two Worlds II Becomes An Amazon Exclusive In The UK

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The UK release of Two Worlds II has suffered loads of uncertainty lately. First the game suffered push backs due to a wrecked shipment, then the release of the game in the UK was in peril completely. There was one point where we questioned if the game would ever make it here. Now Topware has announced that you will be able to buy the game exclusively through next week.

“TopWare Interactive is releasing the widely popular and highly anticipated Two Worlds II exclusively on Amazon in the UK on Tuesday, 1st of March, 2011,”

Eager to get our game out to the RPG hungry masses, TopWare has decided to forego a retail release, and launch Two Worlds II solely on

If you previously pre-ordered the game elsewhere then unfortunately that is now void. So if you really want to play Two Worlds II get over to right now, they will have all versions in stock.

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