Wii U Reportedly Will Not Use Friend Codes

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Remember the great days of hopping on Mario Kart Wii, going into a game lobby and talking with some cool fellow fans, doing a bit of racing, meeting new people, building up your friends list and getting connected to other gamers? Probably not, because that is not really possible with Nintendo’s current online structure. If you have those memories, you were probably dreaming.

With the recent announcement of the Wii U, developers and gamers alike are intrigued by the possibilities, but still a bit skeptical of whether or not Nintendo can recapture that hardcore crowd of gamers. Well, one step in the right direction seems to finally be surfacing. The online structure used for the Wii, and even for the DS in some ways, is finally going to be scrapped, according to an Ubisoft developer and the folks over at EA.

During the Wii U reveal at the Nintendo press conference at E3 2011, if you listened closely, one of the third party guys from EA, mentioned that the Wii U will have a more open online structure. Well, two days ago, Adrian Blunt of Ubisoft, confirmed friend codes are going to be done away with. He was talking with MTV Multiplayer and confirmed that the Wii U will be ditching a friend code system, and replacing it with a more accessible system similar to Xbox Gamertags. This is great news and will hopefully let Nintendo finally get the online features some of its games deserve!

What do you think of the news? Is it a godsend that you can finally play Smash Bros., Mario Kart and others online in the way they should have been all along? Or is it just more of the “too little, too late” fare? Let us know in the comments!

Source: MTV Multiplayer

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