Yakuza 4 Demo Drops February 16th For PS Plus Subscribers

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Yakuza is a game which I feel is becoming played out fast. My feelings may be due to the butchered version of Yakuza 3 released in the Western region which had important plot features of the game cut out due to cultural differences. Although Yakuza 4 promises to leave in much more than what Yakuza 3 had, the damage has already been done for me. You guys may feel different however; and the upcoming Yakuza 4 demo may change our minds completely.

The demo will be released on February 16th for Playstation Plus subscribers, and then on February 23rd for everybody else. The demo allows you to try out all the main characters of the game. Each character boasts their own fighting style, which means you should ideally play the demo a good couple times over. The full game is to release in March, so be on the lookout.

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