60Beat iOS Game Pad: Is This The iOS Accessory We’ve Been Waiting For?

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Introducing the 60Beat iOS game pad. It’s really meant for use with the iPad but it will also work on iPhones/iPods. The wonderful thing about this controller is that it plugs right into your headphone jack and doesn’t require any batteries at all. It’s pretty fascinating that they can send signals through your headphone jack that allow you to interact with games.

Of course there are a shortage of games that support the game pad as of now, but I’m sure it’s no biggie for developers to eventually update their apps with support, should this catch on. Check out the video in which Wilson Keithline demonstrates the ease of use. At $50 it can be considered a little deer in price, but if you take your iPad gaming seriously, it might be worth it for you. Also it could open the doors to more complex iOS games in the future.

If anybody out there has one, we look forward to hearing from you.

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