E3 2012 – PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Gameplay Demo + Details

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This bit of the conference held more than just a gameplay demo – it also had details! For example, the game is officially hitting the PS3 and Vita simulateneously and will include full cross-play support! This means on a PS3 you can play against Vita users, and vice versa. Hopefully they announce soon that both version will be included upon purchase, I’d hate to see gamers be required to pay separately for each version. Hopefully cloud saving of some kind is integrated as well – so you can play the same saves on both versions.

In addition to this information, they officially announced two new characters: Nathan Drake and a Big Daddy from Bioshock. Whether or not you think a Big Daddy is even a PlayStation All-Star aside, those are two nice additions. Check out the video above for the full scoop, and sound off in the comments below with your thoughts!

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