The Best Games of 2012: The Jak and Daxter Trilogy

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Full Title: The Jak and Daxter Trilogy (EU), Jak and Daxter Collection (US)
Developers: Naughty Dog, Mass Media INC.
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platforms: Playstation 3
Release Date: February 2012

As a former Gamecube fanboy I missed out on a lot of PS2 games and franchises back in the early 2000’s. However thanks to the advent of HD collections I’ve finally been able to experience games like Sly Cooper, Shadow of the Colossus and God Of War II. Next month see’s the release of The Jak and Daxter Trilogy and I’m extremely excited to check all three games out for the first time. This collection includes Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (2001), Jak II (2003) and Jak 3 (2004), all remastered in 720p with an improved frame rate, trophies and full stereoscopic 3D support. Originally developed by Naughty Dog, the Jak and Daxter games were critically acclaimed by reviewers and adored by fans. Hopefully this collection will sell enough to green light an all new Jak and Daxter title but until then these HD ports are more than good enough.


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