Music Video: Nicki Minaj – Stupid Hoe

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*Yawn* Nicki Minaj’s gimmick is getting way past old now, but people really enjoy her music videos. In the Stupid Hoe video you can expect to see the same old bullshit rehashed, and while it looks pretty you might wish to do what I did and watch it in mute. I have only heard Stupid Hoe once and even then I didn’t manage to finish the song, I don’t intend to hear it again.

As someone who slightly enjoyed Pink Friday, I’m begging Nicki to give us something different. Some day she’ll get older and her adorable looks won’t do it for everybody any longer, I’d like to think when that day comes she’ll have something more to offer. I may sound harsh, but if you speak to any of my colleagues they’ll tell you about my not so secret crush on Nicki Minaj (Which goes beyond looks) and that’s why I wish she would drop the gimmick and make music.

Regardless, enjoy the video Barbz!

Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded coming Feb 14th

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