Mass Effect Trilogy Unveiled and Mass Effect 1 on PSN

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Bioware recently unveiled The Mass Effect Trilogy that will release for $59.99 and include all three games in the Mass Effect series. The kicker of this is that it is coming out for PC and Xbox 360 November 6th, then PS3 later on . “So, what?” you might say. “Mass Effect is already on the Ps3,” you might say. Well, yes and no.

Mass Effect 2 was ported to the PS3 along with a Genesis comic add-on that allowed you to make choices that filled in for the lack of playing the first game. Mass Effect 3 launched on all three platforms. Mass Effect 1 has never been on PS3, and I highly doubt anyone ever thought it would be possible (it was originally published by Microsoft as a 360 exclusive, then ported to PC.) So, what gives?

Microsoft probably had a publishing agreement with Bioware that ran out, since the game is exactly 5 years old this November. Furthermore, there will even be a release of Mass Effect 1 separately on the PSN for $14.99 at the same time as the trilogy collection, as a Bioware rep stated, “Yes, the original Mass Effect will be available as a standalone digital title through the PlayStation Network for $14.99. It will release the same day as the Mass Effect Trilogy on PlayStation 3.”

So, yet another 360 exclusive has fallen to the wayside. Do you think it will come to the Wii U as well, seeing as how the console is launching with Mass Effect 3 less than two weeks later? What do you think of this information? Let us know in the comments below!

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