Mercenary Ops Preview – New PC Third-Person Shooter

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Ying Pei Games, formerly known as Epic Games China, is developing this new third-person shooter exclusively for the PC. The game aims to strike a balance between the tactical nature of most third-person shooting games, married with the fast-paced action of current online multiplayer titles, along with a heavy dose of character development and customization. To this point, Mercenary Ops Producer Jason Sharp has the following to say:

In a third-person shooter, the online multiplayer aspect of the game always seems to be an after-thought to the single-player experience. Because of this, we decided to concentrate on creating an entirely different online experience by looking at every facet of game design from that perspective. This decision resulted in a unique style of play that enhanced traditional tactical combat by requiring players to have a quicker, more aggressive attitude.

The game will feature two distinct multiplayer play styles: competitive and cooperative. In competitive multiplayer, there are five different game modes that can feature up to 16 different players. Cooperative multipalyer will pit 3-8 players against waves of enemy AI. While these concepts are not revolutionary at all, Ying Pei is hoping to refine the concepts into one unique package with a solid foundation of core gameplay mechanics. The single-player details are slim now, but looks to take place in some type of near-future war-torn city. Hopefully it can deliver the thrills that the genre is known so well for.

Developed on the Unreal Engine 3, Mercenary Ops will release exclusively on PC in the Summer of 2012. Keep an eye on The Koalition and the Mercenary Ops official site  for more details moving forward, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below! Do you think this will be the next big hit PC exclusive franchise? Be sure to check out the latest set of official preview images below as well!

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