Mortal Kombat Vita Will Have New Modes, Vita-Specific Challenges

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Last years reboot of Mortal Kombat was one of the best fighting games of the year, receiving both critical and commercial success. In April, the full console experience is coming to the Vita, with all the blood and violence you’d expect from the series, but also with all the DLC and features of the console release, with a few new surprises.

Story and challenge modes will return, but the Vita release will have additional challenges, some that incorporate the Vita’s unique hardware capabilities, and some that were excluded from the original release for logistical reasons. One of these new modes is called Test Your Slice, and it’s basically an adult’s Fruit Ninja. You’ll use the touchscreen to slice through body parts that will fly across the screen, while avoiding obstacles like bombs, and collect power-ups. You can tap Sub-Zero to freeze the screen for easier slices, or cut some toast (a play on the “Toasty” line from the series past) to enter a bonus mode. There will also be a Test Your Balance mode that uses the Vita’s accelerometer to keep a character on a ledge while avoiding obstacles.

Some fights will use this technology too. Blood may accumulate on the screen, and you will have to wipe it off. Rockets may fly at the battlefield, and you will have to tap them before they hit your character. The possibilities are endless, and the full extent of the new content won’t fully be known until the game releases this May.

If you like fighting games and need a great game for your Vita, check out Mortal Kombat. If it can retain the fluid combat and great feel of the console release, this will be a game every Vita owner must have.

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