PS3-4000 Gamescom Announcement Cancelled

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The scheduled announcement for the 16gbb PS3-4000 SKU has been cancelled for Gamescom. The PS3-4000 was supposed to be a version of the system with a 16gb storage capacity. The SKU was designed to retail at a very attractive consumer price.

Apparently Sony has cancelled the announcement of the new SKU due to there being too much stock of the current PS3 model. Ideally Sony would like to sell off a majority of the current stock before putting the cheaper SKU on the market. A source today revealed that the 16gb PS3 model would run from a 16gb flash memory module. Rumours had put the price of the new SKU at an attractive £99/$99.

With the leak of information I’m sure many people who wish to purchase a PS3 will hold off buying one until the official reveal of this PS3-4000.

With the prediction of the PS4 being announced next year, it would seem this is the last version of the PS3 we’ll see. The Sony conference is to take place August 14th at Gamescom. Let’s hope for some nice Vita announcements in the meantime.

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