Roxio Game Capture Pro HD Review – Recording and Streaming Made Easy

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There are lots of options when it comes to recording gameplay footage, capturing screenshots, editing videos, or streaming footage online in real time. How many of those options let you do all four of those, from the same device, on multiple platforms? The Roxio Game Capture HD Pro device allows just that – you can capture screenshots of your games, record videos, livestream from the device directly to twitch and it even includes built-in video editing software that lets you edit together footage and even create tracks of narration to record over the audio and video itself. You might come to one realization here. Powerful capture cards will be a must here. They will ease the process and help you achieve the results you need. The feature list includes:

  • The ability to play and capture in 1080 30p/60i.
  • Live stream directly to Twitch in HD.
  • Video editing software with effects.
  • HDMI input and output with USB cable included for computer connection.

The worst part about this device is the fact that it’s not exactly easy to setup – especially for PS3. Luckily Roxio has video tutorials available that explain stuff fairly well. Generally what you need to get this to work is:

  • A Game console
  • A game to play
  • A computer
  • Component cables (or HDMI) to connect the console to the Roxio
  • Component cables (or HDMI) to connect the Roxio to the TV
  • The Roxio Device
  • USB plug to connect the Roxio to your computer

That looks like a lot of work and it can be. However, out of the box, you get the Roxio device and the USB connection. The complication for me came with the fact that I tested the device on a PS3. HDMI connection is unfortunately not possible from the PS3 due to HDCP (Sony protected) video out. What I ended up doing was connecting the PS3 to the Roxio using component cables and then connecting the Roxio to my TV using an HDMI cable – this worked fine.

Once you get all of this mechanical stuff figured out, the performance and user interface is fantastic. You can easily customize all of the settings to your liking, save your Twitch account for easy streaming, capture gameplay and everything else directly from the Roxio interface. You can see an example below from my process of making my Dragonball Z Budokai HD Collection review:

After you capture gameplay footage, you probably want to edit it a bit, don’t you? Thankfully the device comes packages with its very own video editing software. It may not be as flexible as something like Sony Vegas Pro, but it gets the job done (and is quite a few strides more flexible and feature-filled than something free like Windows Movie Maker.) You can see a preview of what you could be dealing with below, using examples of the same game:

Overall the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro is a fantastic device. It lets you conduct game capturing and video editing, as well as direct streaming from the device to your computer; it really does it all. You can check out more details on the device, as well as full pricing at the official website.

Final Verdict: Awesome

Let us know what you thought of this review and the device itself in the comments below!

This review was based on a retail copy of the unit provided by Roxio.

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