Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC Now Available on Steam; PS3 Users Still Waiting

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Bethesda released the first bit of official DLC for Skyrim today for the PC. Dawnguard, which places you in the middle of a group of vampires and those sworn to defeat them, is now available for purchase on Steam.

The expansion became available in June for Xbox 360 users, receiving mostly positive reviews, but Bethesda refused to give a timeframe for releasing the content on other platforms.

Unfortunately for PS3 owners, Bethesda also posted on their blog that they are “not satisfied yet” with how it’s performing on Sony’s system, and are not releasing it until they’re satisfied. Given the issues the base game had on the PS3 at launch, it’s not surprising they’re running into problems, and represents more disappointment for those customers.

No matter what system you play on, let us know your thoughts about Dawnguard, or Bethesda’s support in general, in the comments.

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