Sony Announces Wonderbook With Book Of Spells By J.K Rowling

During the Sony conference Sony announced a new platform for use with the PsEye and Move called Wonderbook which will allow developers to craft interactive books. The first property to take advantage of the wonderbook? None other than J.K Rowling’s world of Harry Potter.

For those who aren’t aware, Sony actually own Rowling’s online interactive platform called Pottermore, which could have paved way to some excellent gaming content on the PS3. Unfortunately we’re getting what’s to be called “Book of Spells” which is some form of interactive magic book that allows you to practice spells from the Harry Potter world.

As a huge fan of the Potter series, I am kind of disappointed by it. Fair enough it’s more aimed at the kids, but to have such a huge co-sign from J.K Rowling and to create something as lackluster as this Book of Spells is mind-boggling.

Apologies for the rant, this is just the honest opinion of both a gamer and somebody who grew up reading Harry Potter books. Either way check out the video and let us know what you think.

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