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Turn Based, The RPG Podcast Episode 12: Top 3 RPGs of 2012

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It’s that time of the year where we look back at the year and decide on which games deserve to be remembered when people look back at 2012. If you’ve been following the site this week then you’ll know we’ve been writing Top 5 lists all week. Well since Turn Based is a podcast focused entirely on RPGs we decided we would do Top 3 rpgs lists.

To top it off we discussed the announcement that Mass Effect 4 is slated for release during the 2014-2015 window. Which is pretty soon considering they just ended a huge blockbuster trilogy on such a controversial note. On the show we talk about possibilities of the games direction. We also discuss the surprisingly well-done Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod, you can check out their trailer right here.

David Jaganeaux then gives his impressions on the Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch demo, in which he also wrote a nice piece about over at PSUNI. The game which is developed by Level-5 Studios in collaboration with Studio Ghibli has been getting quite a bit of hype lately, and I’m sure it’s well deserved. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this game when it releases next year.

nino kuni wrath of the white witch

Then in our main discussion we take turns speaking on our top 3 RPGs. As we had two guests joining this week they also chimed in and talked about the most memorable RPGs they played this year. So a big shoutout to Editor in Chief Richard Bailey and Ramz for joining us.

Don’t forget to have your say below in the comments, and feel free to send us your feedback to thecoop@thekoalition.com (yes I know it’s the co-op email address, but we accept Turn Based feedback there also). We are also looking to get more guests on next year, so hit us up if you’re interested.

Look out for our ultimate GOTY 2012 podcast next week, when we air The Co-op Episode 41.

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