The Walking Dead: Episode 2 Preview – “Starved for Help”

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Telltale Games brilliant take on the popular Walking Dead comic book series has garnered positive reviews from both critics and fans alike. Shortly after the release of A New Day, many have been patiently waiting for news on a firm release day for the next episode. Luckily, Telltale succeeded in shedding some light on what’s ahead for Lee Everett and the rest of the crew during a 20 minute press session at E3 2012.Here are a few of reasons why you should be excited for episode two.

Starved for Help takes place approximately 3 months after the events of episode one. By now, our characters are in the midst of a full-scale zombie apocalypse with no help support coming from the government.

The chapter begins with you having to make a tough decision on whether or not to save a friend or leave him behind. This particular action is based on whom you initially saved and built strong relationships with in the previous installment. Surprisingly, the choice element becomes more brutal in nature if you do choose to make the save both figuratively and literally.

In addition to showcasing the ramifications of past decisions, this chapter will also succeed in setting up pivotal choices that will ultimately shape your fate in more ways then one. For example, Lee is given the option of distributing food to 4 of the 9 surviving group members. This decision is crucial because it allows others to develop both positive and negative perceptions about you based on whom you choose to feed.

By that same token, certain people have skills that can aid in your survival and it becomes your job to determine who carries the most importance. Overall, Telltale promised the need to effectively manage relationships as the key to navigating through each episode from here on out.

The Walking Dead: Starved for Help will be available later this month. Telltale cited that the certification process with Xbox Live was the reason for the delay but that it would be ready any day now. They also emphasized that the strategy for a dedicated release schedule is currently being worked out. Once the episode releases, feel free to come back here and check out our full review. If you’re still on the fence about picking up this game, then please do yourself a favor and check out our review of A New Day.

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