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5 Sony Exclusives We Want For Playstation 4

On February 20th 2013 Sony set the world on fire, announcing their next generation of video game entertainment, the Playstation 4. We were wowed by demos of Killzone: Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son. Both of I.P’s were highly popular on the Playstation 3, along with the likes of Uncharted, God of War and a few others.

However, there are a few Sony exclusive I.P’s that have gone amiss in recent times, and I believe that the arrival of the Playstation 4 presents a great time for these old I.P’s to make a comeback.

Here is our list of Sony Exclusives that Should Return Next-Gen, what’s yours?

Socom for Playstation 4


Remember when SOCOM was the shooter to play on Playstation 2? And then Sony released SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation and SOCOM 4 on Playstation 3 and the series was no longer considered the success it was previously. I don’t believe they were bad games, but they certainly weren’t the standout Sony shooters we expected given the current online gaming standards. I would love nothing more than to see this game receive a makeover on Playstation 4.

With the improved networking that Sony has promised with the next system, SOCOM could end up being the flagship online experience on the PS4 system.


Heavenly Sword

Let’s face it, we need a break from Kratos. So why not treat us with another trip inside the world of Heavenly Sword? The first game holds up pretty well to this day considering it was released earlier in the PS3’s life-cycle. However, the game was so short that it felt like a tease.

With Sony including Nariko in last year’s Playstation All-Stars perhaps it is indeed a story they are willing to revisit on the PS4. They could even give it to Sony Santa Monica and let them rotate Heavy Rain games between God of War games. I certainly would be in favor of this.


The Getaway

Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row are the biggest ciminal free-roam experiences out, and both of them have games releasing this year on current-gen. Wouldn’t it be monumental if Sony did the unthinkable and released the first crime based open-world experience on next-gen technology?

Not only would this give their console an edge by providing an experience that’s not available anywhere else, but it would also make The Getaway a household name once more. Sure, they can port over GTA V to the PS4 and next-xbox, but the game was still designed to be compatible with current technology. Where-as if Sony were to bring back The Getaway for Playstation 4 it would likely have been built from the ground up for the technology, this means they could push the limits of open-world to where they’ve never been pushed before.


Syphon Filter

So the Metal Gear Solid series has gone multi-platform, and the worlds best tactical espionage series (in my opinion) is no longer exclusive to Sony. That’s fair play, but why not take this opportunity to bring back the series Sony fanatics have been aching for? Syphon Filter.

There have been many rumors of Sony reviving this old gem, and I’m sure many would purchase a PS4 just for the return of the Syphon Filter series. With Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell and Hitman all popularizing the stealth genre, it’s a great time to bring back our beloved Syphon Filter.


The Last Guardian

Remember this game? Remember how it was meant to come out over three years ago? Well it has been delayed this long, so they may as well just revamp it and deliver it as a little Playstation 4 treat. Now I know that this would be a very controversial decision, given the fact that there are people out there who literally purchased a PS3 for this game. Not only that but the the game has been in development since 2007, and would be very costly to rebuild for the nex-gen system. But still, the potential of The Last Guardian would be greatly enhanced if they actually chose to go back to the drawing board and make it a next-gen effort.

It’s not likely that The Last Guardian will release in 2013 on the PS3, and to release this game for the PS3 while the PS4 is on the market would be an insult to Team Ico. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the game wouldn’t be good if released on PS3. I just mean that a game like The Last Guardian deserves the center stage, because lets face it, nobody makes games like Team Ico and Fumito Ueda.

These are just a few of the Sony exclusives we’d like to see make a comeback next gen, but I’m sure you readers will think of lots more. Be sure to add your thoughts below.

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