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Action Bronson – Heel Toe [Hip-Hop]

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Action Bronson isn’t finished dropping music for this month.

The New York artist has just released a new song titled “Heel Toe“.

Originally recorded for this month’s “Saaab Stories” EP with collaborator/producer Harry Fraud, “Heel Toe” is more-of-the-same in style and content as the rest of Action Bronson’s latest project.

Produced by Harry Fraud, “Heel Toe” gives off a Grand Theft Auto: Vice City vibe. The only reason why this song was cut from the EP is because of the fact EPs are intended to be short. Some song had to take and be left out.

Action Bronson -SAAB-Stories

Check out the “Saaab Stories” EP and the “Heel Toe” track and comment below.

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