Bioshock Infinite’s DLC Still Nowhere To Be Seen

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Bioshock Infinite had a troubled development but released back in March to almost universal acclaim, the game’s story was dissected endlessly and fan theories have gone wild. However, we are still yet to hear any news about the much anticipated DLC for the game.

This is majorly disappointing for those who spent money on the Season Pass, they are being left uninformed about any possible release date for the three DLC pieces promised and therefore have spent £15.99/$19.99/1,600 MS Points of extra money on the game for no reason so far.

Ken Levine recently said on Twitter:

We are working on it- have been since the game shipped, things are going well, but please understand: game development takes time.

Yes, we understand game development takes time, but testing fans patience is a risky move, by not announcing names and dates for the DLC it makes it seem like production is not going very well, that you don’t have any deadlines for it and that you have charged people for a Season Pass without actually having any idea what you want to do for it at all.

I love Bioshock Infinite. I thought it was a great game, but please Ken Levine, give us some more information and hurry up. Maybe through another door in another lighthouse you’ve put out the DLC, but not in this one. We can’t wait forever.

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