BioShock Infinite DLC ‘Burial At Sea’ Takes Booker To Rapture

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As well as announcing the first DLC for Infinite, we also got information on the other two DLC parts of the Season Pass. Burial At Sea will be a two part story based campaign in which Booker DeWitt is in Rapture as part of Andrew Ryan’s law enforcement crew.

The DLC takes place in 1958 and will involve a different, smarter and older Elizabeth. Ken Levine had a few things to tell us about Burial At Sea:

“We kicked around a lot of ideas for what to do, and we ended up settling on the most complicated and expensive one, I have this image in my head of Elizabeth dressed like a femme fatale coming into Booker’s office in Rapture. Well, how do we get there? A lot of people have asked us to tell a story about pre-fall Rapture. To me, it wasn’t really interesting, because it’s the midichlorian problem. We already told the story in the logs, so it would just be demonstrating that, and that’s not surprising or interesting.”

Now this is the Infinite DLC people wanted, not the wave based arena mode in Clash In The Clouds! Booker going to Rapture is going to be fantastic, take a look at the trailer embedded above for a quick look at it. A single screenshot can be found below to peak your interests further:


We do not know much about the DLC because a lot of it would be very spoilery, however we do know that we will play as Elizabeth who apparently plays very different from Booker and that the Little Sisters will play a large part of the story.

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Part One will be out later this year for $14.99 or included in the Season Pass.

Source: Game Informer

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