BioShock Infinite Clash In The Clouds DLC Out Today

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The first DLC for BioShock Infinite has been announced today, it’s called Clash In The Clouds and it is a wave based combat arena, it’s also out later today!

Clash In The Clouds has four maps: The Finktown Docks, Emporia, the Boardwalk, and the town center, each have numerous skylines and tears to use to your advantage. Each round changes the map, erasing elements that would make it too easy, lead designer Forrest Dowling said:

“If a wave was going to be trivialized by having the skyline in there, then we pulled it out, in terms of the time spent in development before you stop and do bug fix, it was probably about 50-50. The first half was spent hashing out the spaces, like figuring out where the skylines were going to go and where we were going to place cover.

“The second half was spent making each wave really good, and figuring out which tears we wanted, what we wanted to do with skylines, etc. We did retune enemy and player damage a bit away from the base game, but I suspect that anybody but the most hardcore or systems designers would notice.”

It’ a shame that the first DLC is combat based, that was easily the weakest part of Infinite and to be honest nobody was really asking for it. It seems like a lazy bit of DLC and is not the story based content that people wanted. Below are a few screenshots taken from the DLC package:

Clash in the Clouds DLC is out today for $5 or free with the Season Pass.

Thanks to Eurogamer for the video review embedded above.

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