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Is A DriveClub Delay Announcement Forthcoming?

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Yesterday afternoon, reports started surfacing that PlayStation 4’s DriveClub was supposedly being delayed until the Spring of 2014.

This rumor first came from a UK based gaming website by the name of The Same Coin and stated an anonymous source as being the one behind the news. Later in the day, Kotaku followed up this story by saying they had spoke to someone directly involved with ongoing Sony projects and they confirmed the delay to be true. Lastly, DriveClub Design director, Paul Rustchynsky, left a tweet yesterday stating that he had no new information on the game because he had took the week off to take care of his newborn.

Even though all of these reports have stated that the game is definitely delayed, Sony still has yet to confirm or deny if indeed any of this is true. DriveClub was positioned to not only be a launch title for the PlayStation 4, but a free version of the game was expected to be made available to PlayStation Plus subscribers next month. Interestingly enough, Sony did have a PlayStation 4 event in San Francisco yesterday in which several launch titles were on hand for people to play. DriveClub was one of the titles missing from that event.

With all of these facts now out in the open, is it safe to assume that a DriveClub delay announcement is forthcoming? There are many fans who would argue that this game isn’t important and therefore a delay of any sorts isn’t a big deal. I would respectfully disagree with this notion primarily because this was promised as a launch title and was among one of the first games shown when PS4 was revealed to the masses way back in February. With this and Watch Dogs delayed, I would say that Sony’s PS4 launch lineup is now even weaker then it was before.

What are your personal thoughts on DriveClub supposedly being delayed? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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