Everquest Next and More at SoE Live 2013

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If you play MMOs, then you should be interested in this event that’s going on right now. Sony Online Entertainment Live 2013 is a press conference streamed live from Vegas, but it’s also a large convention gathering for players of SOE games. Their stable of games include Everquest, Everquest II, Planetside 2, DC Universoe Online, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and many more. Everquest is often viewed as one of the greatest MMO of all-time, running for about 15 years now and was the first true, 3D MMORPG ever made.

As such, Everquest Next is the upcoming third installment in the long-running and highly successful MMORPG franchise. So far, Sony has stated the game will be one of the largest MMOs ever made and will be a sandbox style game, which seems to be a clear departure from the traditional quest-driven structure that the original Everquest essentially created.

Make sure you check out the stream right here!

Will Everquest Next be as epic as they promise? Will it be on consoles as well, like The Elder Scrolls Online and Planetside 2? Let us know your thoughts!

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