Fez Coming To Steam And Almost Every Other Platform

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Xbox Live Arcade success Fez will be coming to the PC this May and almost every other platform at some point, according to Polytron developer Phil Fish in a Reddit AMA.

In the Reddit AMA, Phil Fish answered that it “highly probable” that the game would be coming to iOS, he also announced that he was looking into porting the game onto Linux.

In answer as to whether the game will be hitting Sony platforms, Fish said that he was was “working with Sony on that”, he added that “Fez should eventually be out on pretty much everything.”

However, he did reveal that we should not expect the game to get a 3DS release “People keep assuming Fez would be a no-brainer on 3DS, but in truth it would be kind of pointless. The game is practically always shown in isometric 3D, there’s never any perspective there. I don’t think it would work.”

It is great news that more than Xbox owners get to play this game, it was a big hit with surprising depth. It wasn’t just a pretty platformer, it had puzzles that were still being solved weeks after release and this unexpected depth made it a great success.

Fez is coming to Steam for Windows in early May.

Source: Reddit AMA

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