FIFA 14: Ultimate Team Legends Exclusive to Xbox One, All European Pre-Orders Come with the Game

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Another huge announcement at Gamescom, especially for European football fans, is that the mode ‘ Ultimate Team Legends’ is only available on the Xbox One. Additionally every European pre-order of the console now comes with a digital copy of FIFA 14.

Check out the trailer above for a quick look at Ultimate Team Legends, the mode allows you to create a team consisting of legendary players from the past. Here’s a quick overview of the Ultimate Team changes that were announced last month:

  • Footballers have individual style attributes that complement those of other players. This ‘Chemistry System’ has been extended allowing players to focus on individual skill-sets, which are enhanced by the FIFA 14 player’s own style.
  • Players will be able to play single game matches online against rivals. EA Sports is calling this, “the community’s most sought-after feature.”
  • Seasons Mode features 10 divisions with promotion, relegation, titles and tournaments. It can be played online or offline and offers a new set of rewards such as coins, items, and players.
  • A new search interface is being implemented for transfers, allowing easier comparison data.
  • Players can customize squad kit numbers and set-piece takers directly from the squad screen.
  • Players bought via transfers must earn loyalty bonuses, while those bought in player-packs, do not.

The fact that FIFA 14 is coming with every European Xbox One is huge, that game is massive and will purely be the reason for a lot of people to get an new console. This was a great decision and will mean that many people will now choose the Xbox One over the PS4. It seems that this is one PR move that Microsoft has gotten right.

Source: Polygon

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