Fighter Within Revealed as Xbox One Kinect Exclusive

Another Xbox One exclusive was announced at Gamescom, this time it is Ubisoft’s Kinect fighting game Fighter Within.

You can check out the trailer above but it does not show any gameplay or give many details about the game, however the game is pretty self-explanatory: You use the Kinect motion controls to fight against opponents!

Using Kinect 2 the game can track different types of punches and kicks and translates them into moves in the game, however for more difficult moves there is a different process:

“We don’t expect people to do high round kicks, so there are triggering animations, but that was not enough. We wanted to have spectacular things on the screen, so we decided to create this chi energy bar, which is a sort of spiritual energy that enables the characters to do extraordinary things.”

“It looks a lot like a traditional fighting game, but we added a new layer, which is physicality, but you still have to be tactical-minded to build up your strategy.”

The triggers are very risk/reward, they are harder to do and deal more damage but they leave you vulnerable to attacks whilst you perform the move. Hopefully the controls are responsive enough to make this game work, the most frustrating thing is when you are trying to input a command and the Kinect doesn’t pick it up.

A fighting game with Kinect could work, but it would have to be very well made and have flawless motion controls. As of now you can call be sceptical, I’ll have to play it to believe it.

Fighter Within is exclusive to the Xbox One, no release date has been given yet.

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