Infamous: Second Son Captures Emotion In Behind The Scenes Video

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Infamous: Second Son is currently one of the most anticipated PS4 titles and a new behind-the-scenes video shows off the technology used to capture emotion in the game.

In the video we see the capture gear on voice actor Troy Baker, who voices the protagonist Delsin Rowe, as he attempts to portray different emotions that can be used in the game.

Over at the Playstation Blog, Technical Director Spencer Alexander writes about the process.

“The overall result is a very natural, organic feel directly tied to the anatomy and performance of the actor instead of something that’s feels very mechanical, linear, repetitive, or just plain unsettling, with the assistance of Digital Domain’s cutting edge motion capture studio, we were provided a high level of expertise and animation polish that helped see our tech all the way to the finish.”

“With our new facial technology, we can truly capture the nuance he brings to the character, it can be as small as an eye twitch, but that little bit of motion can make the moment come alive in ways you never expected. The actors bring a lot to the table; it’s exciting to finally have a method for bringing those performances directly to the player.”

The technology at show here is impressive and makes me even more excited to play the game, I was never the biggest fan of Infamous so hopefully a new generation can help me get into the series and so far Infamous: Second Son looks promising.

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