Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 E3 Trailer, Release Date Feb 2014

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 might not roll off the tongue but the game has gotten a new trailer for E3 and a release date!

The game will be coming to the Xbox 360 and the PS3 on February 11 in North America and Feb 14 in Europe, this will end the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy much to the pleasure of many haters of the FF13 games.

It is very interesting that the game is releasing on current platforms after the next-generation ones have been released, I can see that definitely restricting the sales of the game. Maybe down the line they will release it on both but it does seem like an odd decision right now, surely people would want to play games on the newest systems?

Not much more to say about this one to be honest, I am personally looking forward to playing it as I have beaten the previous two. Let me know if you are looking forward to it, there’s got to be some people who like this series out there!

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